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What is your reputation?

Do you have excellent soft skills? Do you know how to network?

Marcia Hall

Hi, I’m Marcia Hall, the Reputation Pro, with Reputation COUNTS. We provide training seminars to help you get and keep a job.

Demonstrating soft skills, such as having a positive attitude and good work ethic, teaches employers and customers they can count on you. Business networking is a professional competency that helps you get your job done, learn about new opportunities, and move ahead in your career.

You build your reputation as a person of character and competence when you display these skills!

Do you have the soft skills employers expect?


Jumpstart Your Job

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This book and Reputation COUNTS will show you how to gain the skills that will attract positive attention and build your reputation. You can gain a competitive edge, whether you are a student, or a young or experienced business professional.

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Marcia Hall
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